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The BEST Staff

Donna Perry, M.Ed. - Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities Program Specialist

Jessica Horne, M.Ed., BCBA - Board Certified Behavior Analyst - ESE Department

Amanda Mann, M.S., BCBA - Board Certified Behavior Analyst - ESE Department/Escambia Westgate School

Marcia Storniolo, M.S., BCBA - Board Certified Behavior Analyst - ESE Department/Lakeview SDS

Anna Tedder, BCaBA - Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst - ICare Program

Dana Wilmot, M.Ed., BCBA - Board Certified Behavior Analyst - ESE Department


Behavior Education Support Team (BEST)

The "BEST" Intentions:

The role of the BEST is to support teachers and school staff as they provide a continuum of behavioral supports to students in the least restrictive setting. This includes district and school-wide behavioral training, skill development and support for building level Behavior Coaches, classroom consultation, FBA and PBIP consultation and/or development, and direct support to specialized units and schools with EBD, ASD, and ID populations.


This website is designed to support all Escambia County School District staff in developing positive behavior interventions and supports to address challenging behavior exhibited by students in general and exceptional student education programs.


Changing behavior is

first a matter of TEACHING,

second a matter of MODELING,

and never a matter of reacting!