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SS.7.C.2.4 - Rights in the U.S. Constitution

Reporting Category 1: Origins and Purposes of Law and Government

Reporting Category 1: General

Enlightenment Ideas: SS.7.C.1.1

Impact of Key Documents: SS.7.C.1.2

English Policies: SS.7.C.1.3

Declaration of Independence: SS.7.C.1.4

Articles of Confederation: SS.7.C.1.5

Preamble of the Constitution: SS.7.C.1.6

Separation of Powers and Checks & Balances: SS.7.C.1.7

Federalists and Anti-Federalists: SS.7.C.1.8

Rule of Law: SS.7.C.1.9

Sources & Types of Laws: SS.7.C.3.10

Reporting Category 2: Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities of Citizens

Reporting Category 2: General

Citizenship: SS.7.C.2.1

Obligations of Citizens: SS.7.C.2.2

Bill of Rights & Other Amendments: SS.7.C.2.4

Constitutional Safeguards & Limits: SS.7.C.2.5

Constitutional Rights: SS.7.C.3.6

13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th, & 26th Amendments: SS.7.C.3.7

Landmark Supreme Court Cases: SS.7.C.3.12

Reporting Category 3: Government Policies and Political Processes

Reporting Category 3: General

Political Parties: SS.7.C.2.8

Qualifications for Political Office: SS.7.C.2.9

Monitoring & Influencing Government: SS.7.C.2.10

Media & Political Communications: SS.7.C.2.11

Public Policy: SS.7.C.2.12

Multiple Perspectives: SS.7.C.2.13

U.S. Domestic & Foreign Policy: SS.7.C.4.1

Participation in International Organizations: SS.7.C.4.2

U.S. & International Conflicts: SS.7.C.4.3

Reporting Category 4: Organization and Function of Government

Reporting Category 4: General

Forms of Government: SS.7.C.3.1

Systems of Government: SS.7.C.3.2

Three Branches of Government: SS.7.C.3.3

Federalism: SS.7.C.3.4

Amendment Process: SS.7.C.3.5

Structure, Function, & Processes of Government: SS.7.C.3.8

Court System: SS.7.C.3.11

United States & Florida Constitutions: SS.7.C.3.13

Government Obligations & Services: SS.7.C.3.14

What You Need to Know:

Student Review Reading for SS.7.C.2.4

Evaluate rights contained in the Bill of Rights and other amendments to the Constitution.


Benchmark Clarifications:

  • Students will recognize that the Bill of Rights comprises the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Read more!
  • Students will recognize the five freedoms protected by the First Amendment. Read more!
  • Students will evaluate how the Bill of Rights influences individual actions and social interactions. Read more!
  • Students will use scenarios to identify rights protected by the Bill of Rights. Read more!
  • Students will use scenarios to recognize violations of the Bill of Rights or other constitutional amendments. Read more!

Example One (Low Complexity)

Where can a description of U.S. citizens' civil liberties be found?

A. Declaration of Independence

B. Preamble to the Constitution

C. Pledge of Allegiance

D. Bill of Rights


Example Two (Moderate Complexity)

The statement below was made by Thomas Jefferson in a 1786 letter to John Jay.

C24 Moderate

Why should this freedom be guarded?

A. to provide the news media with a guaranteed profit

B. to keep the news media from controlling the political process

C. to provide the government with an accurate information source

D. to keep the government from becoming the primary information source


Example Three (High Complexity)

The passage below is one of the grievances found in the Declaration of Independence.

C24 High

Which rights listed in the Bill of Rights reflects this complaint?

A. due process of law, assistance of counsel, speedy and public trial

B. equal protection, assistance of counsel, speedy and public trial

C. bear arms, due process of law, speedy and public trial

D. bear arms, equal protection, speedy and public trial


C.2.4 - Vocabulary


FLDOE Civics Tutorials

Bill of Rights
courtesy of FL Department of Education


Discovery Education


  • The Bill of Rights (total length 2:33) from Citizen's Rule: Our Founding Documents
  • The Bill of Rights (total length 2:07) from Understanding the Constitution: Creating the Federal Government
  • The Bill of Rights (total length 3:04) from The Almost Painless Guide: U.S. Constitution
  • The Bill of Rights (total length 4:20) from TLC Elementary School: We the People: A History
  • Establishing the Bill of Rights (total length 3:50) from American History: Foundations of American Government
  • Just the Facts: The Constitution: The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments (recommended for classroom use)
    • The First Amendment (total length 4:44)
    • The Second Amendment (total length 2:42)
    • The Third & Fourth Amendments (total length 3:17)
    • The Fifth Amendment (total length 3:07)
    • The Sixth & Seventh Amendments (total length 2:50)
    • The Eighth Amendment (total length 3:33)
    • The Ninth & Tenth Amendments (total length 2:05)

Civics on Demand

Additional Resources

Check out this one page Guide to the U.S. Constitution!



Textbook Review


Chapter 1, Section 2 - p. 11-16

Chapter 4, Section 1 - p. 110-116