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SS.7.C.3.7 - The Evolution of Voting Rights

Reporting Category 1: Origins and Purposes of Law and Government

Reporting Category 1: General

Enlightenment Ideas: SS.7.C.1.1

Impact of Key Documents: SS.7.C.1.2

English Policies: SS.7.C.1.3

Declaration of Independence: SS.7.C.1.4

Articles of Confederation: SS.7.C.1.5

Preamble of the Constitution: SS.7.C.1.6

Separation of Powers and Checks & Balances: SS.7.C.1.7

Federalists and Anti-Federalists: SS.7.C.1.8

Rule of Law: SS.7.C.1.9

Sources & Types of Laws: SS.7.C.3.10

Reporting Category 2: Roles, Rights, and Responsibilities of Citizens

Reporting Category 2: General

Citizenship: SS.7.C.2.1

Obligations of Citizens: SS.7.C.2.2

Bill of Rights & Other Amendments: SS.7.C.2.4

Constitutional Safeguards & Limits: SS.7.C.2.5

Constitutional Rights: SS.7.C.3.6

13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th, & 26th Amendments: SS.7.C.3.7

Landmark Supreme Court Cases: SS.7.C.3.12

Reporting Category 3: Government Policies and Political Processes

Reporting Category 3: General

Political Parties: SS.7.C.2.8

Qualifications for Political Office: SS.7.C.2.9

Monitoring & Influencing Government: SS.7.C.2.10

Media & Political Communications: SS.7.C.2.11

Public Policy: SS.7.C.2.12

Multiple Perspectives: SS.7.C.2.13

U.S. Domestic & Foreign Policy: SS.7.C.4.1

Participation in International Organizations: SS.7.C.4.2

U.S. & International Conflicts: SS.7.C.4.3

Reporting Category 4: Organization and Function of Government

Reporting Category 4: General

Forms of Government: SS.7.C.3.1

Systems of Government: SS.7.C.3.2

Three Branches of Government: SS.7.C.3.3

Federalism: SS.7.C.3.4

Amendment Process: SS.7.C.3.5

Structure, Function, & Processes of Government: SS.7.C.3.8

Court System: SS.7.C.3.11

United States & Florida Constitutions: SS.7.C.3.13

Government Obligations & Services: SS.7.C.3.14

What You Need to Know:

Student Review Reading for SS.7.C.3.7

Analyze the impact of the 13th, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th amendments on participation of minority groups in the American political process.


Benchmark Clarifications:

  • Students will recognize the rights outlined in these amendments. Read more!
  • Students will evaluate the impact these amendments have had on various social movements. Read more!
  • Students will analyze historical scenarios to examine how these amendments have affected participation in the political processes. Read more!
  • Students will recognize how the amendments were developed to address previous civil rights violations. Read more!

Example One (Low Complexity)

How did the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 impact political participation?

A. All person who passed a literacy test could now vote.

B. All children of foreign citizens could now vote.

C. All African-Americans could now vote.

D. All women could now vote.

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Example Two (Moderate Complexity)

The photograph below illustrates an event in U.S. history.

C37 Moderate

What was Congress' response to the social movement symbolized in the photograph?

A. decreased commerce opportunities

B. increased economic opportunities

C. increased religious opportunities

D. decreased military opportunities

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Example Three (High Complexity)

The newspaper below details an important step in amending the U.S. Constitution.

C37 High

How did the passage of this amendment to the U.S. Constitution impact the political process in the United States?

A. Women were allowed to contribute to political campaigns.

B. Women were allowed to hold citizenship rights.

C. Women were allowed to hold public offices.

D. Women were allowed to vote in national elections.

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C.3.7 - Vocabulary


Discovery Education


  • 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments Establish Civil Rights for All (total length 2:24) from A History of Black Achievement in America: The Fight for Freedom
  • Amending the Constitution (total length 1:21) from Our Constitution: The Document that Gave Birth to a Nation
  • The Reconstruction Amendments (total length 5:14, start at 0:40) from Just the Facts: The Constitution: The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments
  • Turning Points: The Right to Vote (total length 2:51) from On Common Ground: A House Divided
  • The Twenty-second, Twenty-third, and Twenty-fourth Amendments (total length 2:42, start 2:04) from Just the Facts: The Constitution: The Bill of Rights and Constitutional Amendments
  • Voting Rights Act Passed (total length 0:46, stop at 0:30) from Free at Last

Civics on Demand

Additional Resources

Check out this one page Guide to the U.S. Constitution!



Textbook Review


Chapter 3, Section 3 - p. 99-102

Chapter 4, Section 2 - p. 118-122