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SC.912.L.16.13 Reproductive System

What You Need to Know

  • You need to know the basic anatomy and physiology of the human reproductive system. 
  • You need to know the process of human development from zygote to birth. 
  • For the male reproductive system, you will need to know the seminal vesicle, prostate gland, vas deferens, urethra, epididymis, scrotum, penis, and testes. 
  • For the female reproductive system, you will need to know the ovaries, oviduct (fallopian tube), uterus, cervix, and vagina.

Example One

A fertilized egg undergoes several stages before it is successfully implanted. The diagram below shows these stages as the fertilized egg travels through the female reproductive system. 

female reproductive.jpg

In which of the following structures of the female human reproductive system is the blastocyst implanted during normal human development? 

A. ovary

B. uterus

C. vagina

D. amniotic sac


Example Two

The drinking of alcoholic beverages by a pregnant woman is harmful to the development of her fetus. This is most damaging early in a pregnancy because during this time

A. the lungs of the fetus become functional.

B. alcohol can easily enter the mouth of the fetus.

C. many of the essential organs of the fetus are forming.

D. the fetus cannot excrete wastes.


Example Three

Sperm are created through meiosis in an area of the testes called the seminiferous tubules. Through which structure do the sperm travel to exit the testes? 

A. vas deferens

B. seminiferous tubules

C. scrotoum

D. epididymis


Example Four

Which of the following is true of a zygote? 

A. It forms into a blastocyst

B. It is an unfertilized egg

C. It produces haploid male gametophytes

D. It is made up of only one cell


Example Five

Which of the following describes fertilization? 

A. cell differentiation to form a blastula

B. formation of germ layers in a deuterostome

C. a sperm joining an egg to form a zygote

D. sperm and egg production


Example Six

Below is a diagram of the male reproductive system.

male reproductive.jpg

Which structure is represented by the letter D?

A. scrotum

B. testes

C. prostate gland

D. epididymus


Example Seven

Abnormalities present in the cells that line the uterus may prevent the production of offspring by directly interfering with which process? 

A. the development of the embryo

B. the differentiation of gametes into zygotes

C. the secretion of estrogen by the ovary

D. the production and release of egg cells


Example Eight

What is the human embryo called after the eighth week of development?

A. a zygote

B. an infant

C. a fetus

D. a morula


video tutorials.jpg

The Reproductive System

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The Male and Female Reproductive Systems

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Human Development

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Fertilization and Development

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In Your Book

General Biology - Chapter 34, pg. 786

Honors Biology - Sections 34.3 and 34.4, pgs. 817-828

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