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MA.912.A.3.8 Graphing Linear Equations

What You Need To Know...

Graph a line with given information.

  1. The benchmark will be assessed using MC (Multiple Choice) items.
  2. Students will identify graphs given: a table of values; the x- and y-intercepts; two points; the slope and a point; or the equation of the line in slope-intercept form, standard form,or point-slope form.
  3. Students will identify graphs of linear inequalities given: the equation of the linear inequality in slope-intercept form; or the equation of the linear inequality in standard form.
  4. Items may include lines with zero slope or undefined slope.
  5. Graphics should be used in all items.
  6. Equations should not be presented in function notation.

Example One

Roger went to a garage sale where hardback books sold for $5 each and paperback books sold for $2.50 each.  He has $20 to spend.  The equation below can be used to find how many books of each type Roger can buy, where x is the number of hardback books and y is the number of paperback books.

5x + 2.5y = 20

 Which of the following shows the graph of this equation?




Example Two

Kristen can spend up to $50 on rock to landscape her yard.  She decides to use both pebble rock and river rock.  Pebble rock costs $2 per pound and river rock costs $5 per pound.  The inequality below models the possible number of pounds of pebble rock and river rock that Kristen can purchase.  

 Which graph represents the inequality?



Additional Examples



Table of Values

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Standard / Using Intercepts

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Using Slope

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Slope-INtercept Form

This text will be replaced

Point-Slope Form

This text will be replaced

Reference Sheet