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Accounts Payable Forms:



Records Retention Access Amendment Request 9500-INT-507


Stop Payment Request 9500-INT-505


Food Service Accounting Forms:   



Record for Correcting Erroneous Meal Charges (Meal Count Adjustment Log)


Internal Accounting Forms:



Consumer's Certificate of Exemption DR-14

(Sales Tax Exemption Certificate)


Fraudulent Charge Dispute Form (BBVA Compass)


Fundraising Request / Reconciliation 9500-INT-501


Monies Collected 9500-INT-016 


Outside Support Organization Annual Authorization


Petty Cash Voucher, 9500-INT-514


Purchase Requisition/Request for Purchase Order (RFP) 9500-INT-021


Report of Property Acquired Through Internal Funds and/or Donated (PC-3) 9500-PRP-006 


Report of Saleable Inventory, 9500-INT-513


Request for Playground Equipment, MIS-502 


Request for Transfer from Internal Funds 9500-INT-502 

(Two Forms per Page)


Request for Transfer from Internal Funds 9500-INT-502 

(One Form per Page)


Return Check Log 9500-INT-508


Sample Contribution Letter - School-Wide


Sample Contribution Letter - Special Projects or Additional Classroom Supplies


Sample Contribution Letter - Field Trips


School Store - Daily Sales Report, 9500-INT-512


Superintendent Approval of Expenditures from Internal Fund 9500-INT-509


Telephone Long Distance Charge Report 9500-INT-009 

(Two Forms per Page)


Telephone Long Distance Charge Report 9500-INT-009-B 

(One Form per Page)


Ticket Sales & Reconciliation Report (Middle School) 9500-INT-500


Ticket Sales & Reconciliation Report (High School) 9500-INT-500


Unverified Funds 9500-INT-515 

(Two Forms per Page)


Unverified Funds 9500-INT-515 

(One Form per Page)


W-9 Form (Blank - to be filled out by vendor)


W-9 Form (The School District of Escambia County-completed form)


Travel Forms:


  NEW - T-1 On-line Format (login user ID and password are the same as network)

Video Instructions for T-1 On-line Format (takes a couple of minutes to load)

Retrieve Saved Forms (when saved to finish later) 

  Approve T-1 Travel Forms


T-2 (Request for Travel Authorization Form) (Excel Format)
PDF Format


T-3 (Travel Reimbursement Claim Form) (Excel Format)
* Must be printed on Yellow Paper
PDF Format


Rental Car Reservation Request (Excel Format)

* Must click "Enable Editing" to type data into form (yellow strip at top of screen)


Rental Car Reservation Request (PDF Format)


Rental Car Cost Analysis

  Reimbursable Meal Calculation 


Travel Accounting Mileage - Schools to Administration Sites

   Travel Accounting Mileage - City to City
   Travel Accounting Mileage - School to School


Wireless Device Forms:



Cell Phone Reimbursement 9500-INT-504


Request for Wireless Device 9500-INT-516