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Fingerprinting & Badging

Fingerprinting Registration Information

Effective January 1, 2014, Idemia (formerly Morpho Trust USA) was implemented for fingerprinting and badging services for all new hires, mentors, volunteer coaches, student teachers, charter schools, not-for-profit organizations and vendors/contractors. A Customer Identification Number (CIN) and email address is required as part of the online registration to complete a background/fingerprint screening.

Florida Statute Level 2 Screening and ECSD Hiring Guidelines

Please click on the links below to view the Florida Statute Level 2 screening standards and the Escambia County School District Hiring Guidelines.


All Vendors/Contractors must be screened according F.S. 435.04 Level 2 screening standards.


All Escambia County School District Applicant Employees must meet the requirements of the ECSD Hiring Guidelines.

District Employee Fingerprinting Information

If you are a new hire and have been offered a position as an Instructional, Administrative, Professional, or Educational Support Personnel, the hiring location should provide you with the necessary information including a customer identification number (CIN) that is needed to begin the fingerprinting process.


Please contact the department, school, or personnel that offered you the position if you have not received your background/fingerprinting instructions and CIN. This step must be completed prior to continuing in the employment process.

Substitute Teacher Applicants

Please click on the NEW HIRES link on the Escambia County School District home page for information and the Customer Identification Number (CIN) to begin your background/fingerprinting process. Once you have successfully registered and cleared this process you will be contacted for an appointment once all required documentation has been received and you are eligible for employment.


If you have any questions regarding the background/fingerprinting process please contact Human Resources at 850-430-7689 or 850-429-2914.

Student Teachers

Please contact the Escambia County School District's Elementary Education office at 850-469-5494 to verify that you have been placed for a student teaching position and receive the correct CIN and instructions for your background screening.


If you are scheduled for observation hours in a Physical Education class please contact Cassandra Waller at 850-595-0184 to verify that you have been placed and receive the correct CIN and instructions for your background screening.


Please note that you must have prior approval through the Escambia County School District Curriculum and Instruction Department before completing the background screening process to be authorized on any campus. 

Vendors/Contractors/Not-For-Profit Organizations

Any vendor with a contractual relationship with the District is required to undergo background screening as required by Florida law. In order to register for a background/fingerprint screening an individual or organization must have been cleared through the Escambia County School District Purchasing Department as being a valid Vendor or Not for Profit organization with the District.


Before a CIN can be assigned to your organization please click on the link below to access the Vendor/Not for Profit Registration Form. Please complete and submit this form to the Purchasing department at the email address provided below. Once your organization has been approved you will receive notification, instructions, and a CIN number to go online and complete the background/fingerprint process for your employees.


Please ensure that you have a valid Point of Contact, name, and email address for your organization as this will be the contact that receives notifications when your employees/volunteers have completed the background/fingerprint screening. 




Please complete all required documentation for Vendor/Not for Profit registration and submit to purchasing@escambia.k12.fl.us


**If you have questions regarding your status as a Vendor/Not for Profit organization with the Escambia County School District please direct all questions to the Purchasing Department specifically.

Register for Background/Fingerprint Screening

To access the Background/Fingerprinting Registration via the IdentoGO website please click on the link below:




If computer access is unavailable please call this toll free number to complete the registration process and to schedule a fingerprint appointment. 


IdentoGO (Toll Free Number) 866-880-2758



 Ensley: UPS   West Pensacola: UPS   Northeast Pensacola: 2B Postal   Milton: UPS
 850-479-4009 850-456-0220 850-308-5486 850-623-8353
 40 W. Nine Mile Road  4600 Mobile Hwy Ste. 9  6901 N. 9th Ave Ste. A  6223 Highway 90
 Pensacola, FL  32534  Pensacola, FL 32506  Pensacola, FL 32504  Milton, FL 32570
M-F 8-6:30; Sat 9-3 M-F 8-6:30; Sat 9-3 M-F 9-6; Sat 10-2 M-F 8-6:30; Sat 9-4


 Payment Methods

  • Credit card options (Visa, MasterCard, Discover)
  • Electronic check (e-check)
  • NO money orders, cash or paper checks accepted

Options for Vendors/Contractor/Not for Profit Organizations

Organizations can establish an escrow account or resister their company credit card to manage their fingerprinting costs. These options must be setup directly Idemia prior to scheduling any appointments.


Background/Fingerprinting Screening Fee Information

District Applicants


All background screenings and badges, unless otherwise noted, are valid for 5 years. 


*Applicant pays State of Florida records retention fee of $24.00 for years 2-5.

Full-time $51.50 (applicant pays fee; retention fee covered by District)
Part-time   $79.50 (applicant pays fee) *
High School Student Worker  $51.50 (District covers all fees, including retention)
College Student Worker   $51.50 (applicant pays fee) *
Paid Coach     $75.50 (applicant pays fee)
All Substitutes $79.50 (applicant pays fee) *
Student Teacher $51.50 (one year badge only)
Volunteer Coach $44.25 (District covers all fees)
District Mentor  $44.25 (District covers all fees)


Other Applicants


Campus Residents on-site $79.50 *
Vendor/Contractor     $89.35 (fees are fixed by the State of Florida)
Not-for-Profit Organization     $79.50 *
Charter School  $70.50 (District does not cover fee) no district badge


 The Escambia County School District is not responsible for any badges that are lost, stolen, or damaged.


Replacement cost: $15.00 

If you have any questions on Fingerprinting or Background Screening information please contact Human Resources:


ECSD Employee Applicants contact: 850-429-2914

Contractors/Vendors contact: 850-430-7689