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Carpentry Shop

Contact Supervisor: John Edwards

John Edwards, Construction/Maintenance Supervisor
John Brogan, Carpenter II
Elmer (Cody) Cobb, Carpenter II
James Dodge, Carpenter II

Shawn Ellis, Carpenter II
Charlie Freeman, Carpenter II

Benjamin Gilley, Carpenter II
Lee Glenn, Carpenter II
Kenny Ladner, Carpenter II
Eddie Mayo, Carpenter II

Tim Wadsworth, Carpenter II
Vacancy (French, G), Carpenter II


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The Carpentry Shop consists of one Construction/Maintenance Supervisor, one Shop Leader, and eleven Carpenter II positions. This shop repairs and maintains vinyl floors, roofs, ceiling tiles, window glass; replaces chalkboards, bulletin boards and dry erase boards; replaces roofs on portables; installs window air conditioners; replaces wood bleacher seats in stadiums, gyms, and baseball fields; repairs and assembles furniture; installs wood doors; repairs and installs cabinets; installs laminated tops; builds shelves; and performs minor furniture repair.

This shop does remodeling and renovation work in some office areas and in some buildings where it is needed. Renovation and remodeling is contracted out when a complete building is being renovated or when the Supervisor determines a job is too large for the limited amount of people on a crew.The Shop Leader is assigned to do glazing work and to replace all broken glass in the School District. They replace approximately 200 pieces of glass per month.

The work orders are assigned by the Carpenter Supervisor or dispatched by radio for glass replacement.

Chuck Mayo services the following facilities:

J. E. Hall Center
N. B. Cook Elementary School
O. J. Semmes Elementary School
Oakcrest Elementary School
Pensacola High School
Spencer Bibbs Elementary School

James Dodge services the following facilities:

Escambia High School
Global Learning Academy
McDaniel Administrative Building
Warrington Elementary School
Warrington Middle School

Shawn Ellis services the following facilities:

McMillan Center
Myrtle Grove Elementary School
Sherwood Elementary School
Weis Elementary School
West Pensacola Elementary School
(All glass)

Charlie Freeman services the following facilities:

Cordova Park Elementary School
Holm Elementary School
Scenic Heights Elementary School
A. K. Suter Elementary School
Washington High School
Workman Middle School

Gary French services the following facilities:

Ensley Elementary School
Escambia Westgate Center
Lincoln Park Elementary School
Lipscomb Elementary School
McArthur Elementary School
Pine Meadow Elementary School

Lee Glenn services the following facilities:

Brentwood Elementary School
Brown Barge Middle School
Ferry Pass Elementary School
Ferry Pass Middle School
Montclair Elementary School
Woodham Middle School

Kenny Ladner services the following facilities:

Bellview Middle School
Longleaf Elementary School
Pine Forest High School
George Stone Vocational
West Florida Technical High School

John Brogan services the following facilities:

Bellview Elementary School
Beulah Elementary School
Jim Allen Elementary School
Environmental Center
Ransom Middle School
Tate High School

Tim Wadsworth services the following facilities:

Judy Andrews Center
Jim Bailey Middle School
Blue Angels Elementary School
Hellen Caro Elementary School
Navy Point Elementary School
Pleasant Grove Elementary School