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New Hire Benefits Enrollment

open enrollment

fbmc online enrollment instructions

 If your first day of work is on or before the 15th of the month, you must complete your online enrollment by the 20th of your first month of active employment. If your first day of work is after the 15th of the month, you will need to complete your online enrollment by the 20th of the following month. An employee will usually be allowed to register and enroll following their New Hire Orientation. If you fail to complete your enrollment by the 20th, you will still have an opportunity to enroll during your 30 day new hire window, but your benefits effective date will be delayed a month.  Employees that fail to complete a enrollment during their 30 day new hire enrollment window will not be allowed to enroll in any of the District's benefit plans until the next open enrollment.

Welcome to your benefits online enrollment. A couple of important things to remember before you get started.
Consider all of your options before making your elections. Once you make your election, you will only be able to make changes during Open Enrollment or if you have a Qualifying Event.

If you are a Dual Spouse Couple (Both Spouses will be employees of the District) you must come to the Risk Management Department to complete your enrollment, Premier Enroll will not allow you to enroll.

1. Create a NEW USER login and password at FBMC
2. Check the email address that you provided in your New User Profile for an automatic message that will be sent to your inbox immediately. Click the validation link in the email. Return to FBMC, sign in and begin your enrollment.
3. Please temporarily allow pop ups on your computer. Please read all pop up information as this is important information regarding your enrollment.
4. If you are adding your spouse and/or children to your benefits, dependent verification documentation (marriage license, birth certificate, etc.) is required. Please see page 5 of your Escambia County School District Reference Guide and the dependent information sheet in your enrollment folder. You may also view the Reference Guide online at:

ECSD Risk Management

5. Your enrollment session will “Pend” until the required documentation is submitted to the Employee Benefits Department. All required dependent documentation must be submitted to the Risk Management Department by the effective date of when your benefits go into effect. Failure to submit the dependent documentation will result in your selections being changed to “Employee only” for that benefit selection.
6. Dependent documentation may be brought to the Risk Management Department located at 75 N. Pace Blvd, Pensacola, FL 32505. Monday through Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm 850-469-6267.

If you have any questions or trouble logging into the FBMC BMC online enrollment session, you can call the FBMC Customer Care Department at 1-855-569-3262.

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