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Attendance Matters

attendance matters




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Spotlight on Attendance

        It is important that students attend school all day, every day, to get            the most out of the educational opportunities provided by the Escambia County School District.

Florida Statute 1003.24, 1003.26, 1003.27, F.S.


If your child is absent, please send a written note from the parent/guardian or doctor with the child’s first/last name, reason for absence(s), date of absence(s), and teacher’s name on the day that they return to school.


  • Medical notes should be provided if your child went to the doctor. Not having a note will result in unexcused absences.


  • Students are expected to remain in school the entire instructional day. Please limit tardiness and early dismissals as they will be excused for emergencies only.


  • If students are tardy, a parent must sign the student into the school office.   


  • Excused Absences include:
    • Illness or Injury of the child (unless these are in excess)
    • Quarantine by the Health Department*
    • Death in the Immediate family*
    • Medical or Dental Appointment
    • Court or Administrative Proceedings for which the student is required to be present*
    • Religious Observance*  Prior administrative approval of absence is required.
    • Visit to the parent/guardian who is being deployed or who is returning from a tour of duty in the military.  
      *will require additional documentation
  • Unexcused Absences include:
    • Any reason other than those listed under Excused Absences above including such things as babysitting, car problems, out of town, weather, missing the bus, oversleeping, mom was sick, etc.


  • You can check online via the Parent Portal in FOCUS or ECSD Families app.


 Please help us to help your child be successful in

school by attending school regularly,

being on time and by limiting early dismissals.



absences add up