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The Professional Learning Department has the following NavaEd and/or Cirrus study guide books available for check out:

 General Knowledge  Professional Educator 
 K-6 Subject Area
 Pre-K - 3rd Grade
 Middle Grades English 5-9
 Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9
 Business Education 6-12
 English 6-12
 Social Science 6-12
 Exception Student Education

Books are checked out on a three week rotation. Email Honya Doty to check out a book.

Use the link below to sign up for General Knowledge or Professional Educator tutoring sessions.

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Alternative Certification (PDCP-FEAPs)

Escambia's Alternative Certification Program (PDCP)

The purpose of Escambia's Professional Development Certification Program (PDCP) is to provide support and practical tools to new teachers who are non-teacher trained in order to promote a positive learning environment that will increase student achievement.  To ensure the learning and continuous progress of all students, the School Board and the community must maintain high expectations of teachers. High expectations must be coupled with strong support, including intensive mentoring, for non-teacher trained teachers as they strive to promote student achievement and effective classroom management that enables teaching and learning to take place.

2019/2020 FEAPS Face to Face Course Schedule  

Components for Completion of the PDCP

  1. To be eligible for PDCP, the teacher must be a full-time teacher in a non-charter school in ECSD.
  2. Complete an application for the PDCP. Applications may be completed at the informational meeting held at the beginning of each school year.
  3. Complete coursework through FEAPs training during the first two years of employment with the ECSD. The cost of FEAPs training is currently $700. A monthly payroll deduction can be set up for payments. 
  4. Pass all four sections of the General Knowledge FTCE Exam (GK), FTCE Subject Area Exam, and FTCE Professional Educator Exam. A Highly Effective Overall Rating will exempt participants from Professional Educator Exam.
  5. Complete required Reading Competencies before the three year period of temporary certification ends. (see Reading Competency Requirements below)
  6. Complete E3 evaluation with effective ratings in all components of the Danielson Rubric.
  7. Observation by Coordinator of the PDCP Program.
  8. Work with a mentor to develop teacher practice.

Reading Competency Requirements:
Effective January 01, 2020 for teachers who have not entered a state-approved PDCP program:


Required to complete Reading Competencies 1 and 2:

Middle Grades (5-9)

Secondary (6-12)

Elementary and Secondary (K-12)


Required to complete Reading Competencies 1, 2, 3, and 4:

PreK-Primary (age 3 - Grade 3)

Elementary (K-6)

Exceptional Student Education (K-12)


Required to complete Reading Endorsement - Competencies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Reading (K-12)

**Teachers can view the Reading Endorsement web page for upcoming reading competency course offerings.


Escambia's First Year Teacher Support

START Program

The START Program provides a full release mentor and peer evaluator for first-year teachers. For more information about this support, Human Resources. 

Kelly Krostag
Coordinator for Employee Services
(850) 469-6256



This training is provided before the first day of school to assist in a strong start of the school year. 


MENTOR Support throughout entire PDCP

Teachers enrolled in the PDCP will be provided a mentor for the entire length of the program. The relationship between the PDCP participant and the mentor is built on trust so that each can observe and analyze the process of teaching. In addition, the mentor assists the PDCP participant in locating important information about students, special needs, lesson plans, effective teaching methods, and general site-specific protocols.

Those teachers hired after the start of the school year will be offered New Teacher Support Training online.


Subject Area Specialist Support

Appropriate subject area specialists observe the PDCP participant within the first month of school and provide support and materials to enhance content.  Specialists provide information and assistance with the appropriate State Standards, classroom management, learning environment, and subject knowledge expertise.

For more information, find your Subject Area Specialist from the Curriculum & Instruction website.


Florida's Accomplished Practices (FEAPS)

The “Knowledge Base and Demonstration of Florida’s Accomplished Practices” designed by the School District, provides the best opportunity for success for PDCP participants.  The Accomplished Practices are the basis of the modules taught by District Trainers in a combination of face-to-face and online training. Module descriptions, module objectives, method of instruction and rubric for assessment were developed for each of the accomplished practices.

For more information visit the Florida Educator Accomplished Practices website.

FLDOE FEAPs Curriculum Map


Professional Educator Competencies (PEC)

Completing all the requirements for the PDCP meets the PEC requirement. Teachers who need PEC and don't need coursework can complete a 15-hour online course provided by the Professional Learning Department.


Optional Paths to Professional Certification

Option 1: Twenty hours of state determined college credit course work

Option 2: UWF Educator Preparation Institute (Teacher Ready)


Escambia's Alternative Certification Program (PDCP)

Escambia County's Alternative Certification Program has been approved by the Florida Department of Education. Completion of the program is recognized and accepted throughout Florida; other states would need to be contacted individually to determine reciprocity. We believe the Alternative Certification Program offers non-teacher trained instructional personnel the very best opportunity and support for a successful career in teaching.


Past Participant Reflections

District Contacts:

  • Interested individuals should view the Employment Information website regarding job vacancies.
  • Contact the ECSD Certification Office concerning certification issues.
  • For more information about the PDCP contact: 

    Denisha Read
    850.595.0030 ext 287
    Escambia County Professional Learning Department
    PDCP/FEAPs Project Manager

Reading Requirement 

Register for Reading Endorsement or Comp 2 needed for the Alternative Certification program! Click here. 

For more information, visit the English Language Arts Reading Endorsement website.