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Sole Source Postings

The description below of commodities or contractual services intended for purchase from a single/sole source is posted in accordance with section 287.057(3)(c), Florida Statutes and will remain posted for a period of seven (7) business days. Prospective vendors are requested to provide information regarding their ability to supply the commodities or contractual services described. If you believe you have a "like" product, please send the Purchasing Agent identified below information concerning that product/service and your firm. "Like" shall be defined as equal, equivalent, and/or identical. The closing date listed below is the last date for receipt of information concerning this purchase, information must be received by the Purchasing Department no later than 3:00 pm CST.

Description of Intended Single/Sole Source Purchase

07/16/2019 07/25/2019

Junior Great Books® and related professional development courses, materials, and consultation services


The Great Books Foundation

Travis Thrash


07/18/2019 07/29/2019

Licensing as found here: Professional development will be offered under the "Bronze Virtual Package" which consists of the following items delivered through virtual and on-demand webinars for Administrators and Teachers, as appropriate: Implementation Planning, Introduction to Exact Path, Instructions for Assessment/Monitoring/Reporting, Best Practices, Engaging Learners, Progress Monitoring


Anya Klinginsmith


07/18/2019 07/29/2019

General Job Description:
The migrant recruiter will locate, identify and recruit eligible migrant children for participation the Escambia County Migrant Education Program (MEP) and accurately document the facts of eligibility using the Certificate of Eligibility (COE). This responsibility is performed throughout the district and includes visiting locations of qualifying work and homes of potential eligible youth. The job required flexible working hours which may include early morning hours, evenings, and weekend hours.
Minimum Requirements:
• Must pass all screening requirements established by the School Board of Escambia County
• Must be able to communicate fluently in Vietnamese and English (oral and written)
• Ability to use basic computer skills
• Previous migrant recruiter experience preferred
• Must have reliable transportation

Ngan Le

Kristin Smith