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Social Studies


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Instructional Materials Adoption 2012

Curriculum Information

Click on the name of the course to download a course description.


 Kindergarten NGSSS

Social Studies Grade K 2014-15 pacing guide

K Grade - Unit 1

K Grade - Unit 2

K Grade - Unit 3

K Grade - Unit 4

K Grade - Unit 5

K Grade - Reading Wonders Correlation


 1st grade NGSSS

Social Studies Grade 1 2014-15 pacing guide

1st Grade - Unit 1

1st Grade - Unit 2

1st Grade - Unit 3

1st Grade - Unit 4

1st Grade - Reading Wonders Correlation


 2nd grade NGSSS

Social Studies GRADE 2 2014-15 PACING GUIDE

2nd grade resources

2nd Grade - Unit 1

2nd Grade - Unit 2

2nd Grade - Unit 3

2nd Grade - Unit 4

2nd Grade - Unit 5

2nd Grade - Reading Wonders Correlation


 3rd grade NGSSS

Social Studies Grade 3 2014-15 PACING GUIDE

3rd grade civics booklist


 4th grade NGSSS

Social Studies Grade 4 2014-15 Pacing Guide

4th Grade - Unit 1

4th Grade - Unit 2

4th Grade - Unit 3

4th Grade - Unit 4

4th Grade - Unit 5


 5th grade NGSSS

Social Studies Grade 5 2014-15 pacing guide

5th grade resources


2109010 MJ World History

6th Grade Learning Goals

6th Grade World History Order of Instruction

World History Grade 6 2014-15

6th Grade World History Test Blueprint 14-15


2106010 MJ Civics

Civics Order of Instruction 2014-15

Civics Order of Instruction Conceptual with Learning Goals

 Civics pacing guide 2014-15


2100010 MJ United States History

8th grade overview

United States History Grade 8 2014-15

8th Grade US History Test Blueprint 14-15


2109310 World History

10th Grade World History Overview

10th Grade Test Blueprint

World History Grade 10 2014-2015 


2100310 United States History

US History overview 2014-15

US History Grade 11 2014-15


2106310 United States Government

12th grade Government overview

US Government 2014-15

12th Grade Gov't Test Blueprint 14-15


2102335 Economics with Financial Literacy (2013-2014)

12th grade Economics overview

Economics Pacing Guide 14-15

12th Grade Econ Test Blueprint 14-15


2107300 Psychology I

Psych I overview

Psych I Pacing Guide 14-15

Psych 1 Test Blueprint 14-15


2107310 Psychology II

Psych II overview

Psych II Pacing Guide 2014-15

Psych 2 Test Blueprint 14-15


Contact Information

J.E. Hall Center
30 E. Texar Drive, Suite 133
Pensacola, FL  32503


Social Studies Specialist:
Cherie Arnette
Phone: (850) 469-5392
Fax: (850) 469-5584

Department Secretary:
Harriett Coleman
Phone: (850) 469-5396
Fax: (850) 469-5584

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