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ECSD Student Survey

ECSD Student Survey will be administered on Friday, April 28, 2017.

2016-17 School Year

During the 2015-16 school year, the Escambia County School District in collaboration with the local teacher union developed the ECSD Student Survey to be administered during the Spring semester of each school year.  The survey will provides students in grades three through twelve an opportunity to give feedback to his/her teacher concerning the learning environment and instruction for this school year.  


The ECSD Student Survey expands the district’s effort to listen and learn from the people we serve.  Our district already provides opportunities for parents and employees to give feedback about our system and the services we provide.

This is another intentional effort to move our district’s vision statement from words to reality:

“Create a district where students want to learn, parents want to send their children, teachers want to teach, and employees want to work.” 

Purpose, Design, & General Information

Provide students in grades three through twelve an opportunity to give feedback back about his/her learning environment conditions as well as how effective the teacher was able to provide instruction for the student.


Students are given a voice about their learning experience and teachers can identify strengths and areas to seek professional development to improve student perceptions of the teacher’s instructional effectiveness and the learning culture within the teacher’s classroom.


All survey items measured in the ECSD Student Survey are linked to components within the Danielson’s Framework for Teaching.  Therefore, professional development is already linked and available for teachers who want to improve a specific area of his/her professional practice.



There are three versions of the ECSD Student Survey: 

  1. Elementary (grades 3-5)
  2. Middle Grades (grades 6-8)
  3. High School (grades 9-12)

The survey is administered via a secured Google Form.  The survey will only be available the district wide designed day and will no longer be available at the conclusion of the said date.


Student will be required to login to the survey, however, the responses are not linked to the user’s id.  The login step is a requirement to ensure that the specific student is only providing feedback to a specific teacher one time.  The responses are not linked to the student’s id, therefore, the responses are completely anonymous.


The survey items are written for students to respond from a multiple choice  format.


The ECSD Student Survey will be administered during the Spring semester of each school.  The survey will be administered in a single day and on the same exact day district wide.  The Survey was designed for students to complete the survey in about twenty minutes.  



3.5 - 4.0 = Highly Effective
2.5 - 3.49 = Effective
1.5 - 2.49 = Needs Improvement
1.0 - 1.49 = Unsatisfactory




Research Supporting Use of Student Surveys

  Student Voice The Instrument of Change book cover.jpg

Link to Amazon


An interview from the author of

Student Voice:

The Instrument of Change


Well-designed student surveys help

teachers improve their practices

By Vickie Phillips

Published in Principal Leadership | March 2013


Student Perception Surveys and Their Implementation

Research report by

Measure Effective Teaching

(MET) Project

In an interview, educational researcher, John Hattie said:

“Start by seeking feedback”

What is your advice to teachers who want to try "visible learning" in their classroom (tomorrow)?

Start by seeking feedback about their impact.

Say: “I am an evaluator of my teaching.

Who has learnt or not, about what, is it efficient, where to next …”

This is an excellent starting point.

And I implore you to read Visible Learning

for teachers which elaborate more on this.


Read the full interview


Link to Surveys

Links will be activated on 4/28/17

Grades 3-5 Survey


Grades 6-8 Survey


Grades 9-12 Survey 

Survey Administration Instruction

Data Results

Results from the Spring 2016 ECSD Student Survey will be available via FCAT STAR soon.  An email with directions will be sent out as soon as the data becomes available.

Professional Development Opportunities

Online PD resources linked to the categories (E3 components) that the students provided feedback.

Collaborative Survey Design Team

Project Managers:

Brian Alaback - Director, Professional Learning

Bridget Barber - TSA, Professional Learning

Kelly Krostag - Coordinator, Human Resource


Survey Item Design Team:

Brian Alaback - Director, Professional Learning

Bridget Barber – TSA, Professional Learning

Angelina Carter - ESE Teacher, Blue Angels ES & EEA Representative

Larry Knight – Principal, Sherwood ES

Linda Ellis – Teacher, West Florida HS & EEA Representative

Crystal Marr – Assistant Principal, Bailey MS

Terrlyn McClammy – Consulting Teacher, START Program

LaTasha McGruder – Instructional Coach, Washington HS

Jessica McMillan – Teacher, Brown Barge MS & EEA Representative

Michael Samala – DJJ Transition, Alternative Education, Charter Schools & Juvenile Justice


Technology Design Team:

Brian Alaback - Director, Professional Learning

Raymond Bell - Director, Evaluation Services

Tom Ingram - Director, Information Technology

Gary James - Technology Coordinator, Title I

Steven Harrell - Specialist, Workforce Education


Data Reports Design Team:

Brian Alaback - Director, Professional Learning

Raymond Bell - Director, Evaluation Services


Follow Up Professional Development Team:

Brian Alaback - Director, Professional Learning

Bridget Barber - TSA, Professional Learning