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Transportation Department

From the Director

Welcome! The Escambia County School District Transportation Department transports some 24,000 students over more than 30,000 miles of roadway on board 300 school buses each and every school day. It is one of the largest student transportation operations in the United States. The responsibility that guides that effort is immense, but our staff of 480 employees will not budge an inch without an abiding commitment to do it safely, dependably, and efficiently. That is our commitment to the students we transport and their parents, the public, and our schools.


Rob Doss

Director of Transportation


Please remember that unless your student's address information is current and accurate in the District's database, we cannot ensure he or she is scheduled for transportation on the right bus to the right location. Please get to your child's school IMMEDIATELY after changing your address or contact information. That information not only improves the safety of the transportation evolution, it also helps ensure your child receives the appropriate student services and that the District can reach you in the event of an emergency. If you have any questions about this or about any other student transportation matter, please drop us a line.  For your convenience, we've provided webforms on our website that will be directed to a staff member who will quickly respond to your question or concern.

IMPORTANT! 2018-19 Transportation Accommodation Requests

The Transportation Department is accepting requests for transportation accommodation.  Parents should take note of the new forms (described below) that will facilitate timely processing of requests.

The Escambia County School District is one of the few its size in the State of Florida to permit special transportation accommodations to the extent that it does.  In authorizing these courtesy exceptions, however, the District is adamant about ensuring its parameters do not permit the accounting for students to be compromised.  The District transports 24,000 students on board 300 school buses twice each day, so keeping track of “special cases” requires careful planning and coordination.  In ANY case where a complete and accurate accounting for students is in doubt, the accommodation will not be approved.

Please complete the appropriate form and e-mail it to or deliver it to our office at 100 E. Texar Dr.

A. Parents/guardians may request courtesy bus transportation on board an alternate bus or to an alternate bus stop by submitting Form 6.19 (Request for Alternate Bus/Bus Stop Service). Generally, these requests relate to after-school childcare needs. The request will be approved if there is space available on the bus. Only requests submitted by July 15 will be considered for approval in time for the start of the school year. Requests must be submitted each year. Additional conditions governing this service are articulated in School Board Rules 6.04(3), (4), and (5).

B. Parents/guardians of students who attend a school of choice or magnet school are responsible for providing transportation for their children to and from school. They are advised not to accept transfers to these schools unless they have a plan for transporting their children to and from school every day. Limited courtesy transportation service may be available on a first-come/first-served space available basis. Parents/guardians may request courtesy bus transportation by submitting Form 6.11 (Request for School Choice Transportation Service) or Form 6.18 (Request for Magnet School Transportation Service). Only requests submitted by July 15 will be considered for approval in time for the start of the school year. Requests must be submitted each year. Additional conditions governing this service are articulated in School Board Rules 6.04(6) and (7).

Other request forms may be found on the "Parent Resources" page.


The Escambia County School District is seeking professionally-minded individuals to transport students to and from school. Applicants must be determined to make a positive difference in the lives of students and they must be committed to safety and excellence. We will train qualified applicants. Apply now by calling (850) 469-5328 or apply in person at 100 E. Texar Drive, Pensacola.


The Bus Stop Locator Tool is now available by clicking HERE. Please be mindful that there will still be changes as we adjust routes and rosters to account for unexpected student riders.

Please note that since the Bus Stop Locator Tool logic is built on geographical references, it refers only to bus stop locations and times for students who reside in their school's attendance zone. Therefore, it does not pertain to students who attend school on a school choice approval or other students who attend school "out of zone" or "out of district."

BUCKLE UP in Your School Bus

Parents, please remind your children who ride the bus to buckle their seat belts on the bus and leave them buckled for the entire bus ride.  The school bus is the safest vehicle on the road, but in in the event of a rollover, students who are not buckled in their seatbelts are vulnerable to injury.


School for 40,000 Escambia County students is in session. With the start of the new school year comes a dramatic increase in traffic during the morning and afternoon commutes. Parents driving their children to school will add traffic pressure to the routes in and out of school zones and an additional 320 yellow school buses will take to the road all around the county all throughout the rush hour period. Motorists are advised to take a little extra time to get to work or school and be patient with delays. Most importantly, expect the unexpected.

Watch the Road Ahead

Half of all motorist-at-fault traffic accidents involving school buses in Escambia County during the 2011-12 school year were caused by motorists who rear-ended a stopped school bus at a railroad crossing, traffic signal, or school bus stop. "Inattention to driving is the only reasonable explanation," according to Rob Doss, Escambia County School District Director of Transportation. He advises that with school in session, now is an excellent time to put the cell phone away and watch the road ahead.

The Yellow School Bus: A Smarter Option

The American School Bus Council reports that the iconic yellow school bus keeps an estimated 17.3 million cars off the roads surrounding schools each morning every year. Every school bus equates to 36 cars for a national savings of 2.3 billion gallons of fuel and 44.6 billion pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions. Escambia County school buses keep some 5,000 cars off the road during the busiest times of the day.

The Yellow School Bus: A Safer Option

The American School Bus Council says that students are more than 20 times safer traveling to and from school on board a yellow school bus than they are in a passenger car. School buses are designed to meet or surpass crush standards, they are thoroughly adorned with flashing lights and reflective tape, they have reinforced sides, and are painted in a distinctive bright yellow color. School bus operators are trained in student management, they participate in pre-employment and random drug/alcohol testing, their driving records are frequently checked, they are trained in the proper loading and unloading of students, and they are training in security and emergency procedures. Escambia County School buses are equipped with GPS devices that monitor location, activity, and speed and with digital cameras that store recordings of on-board activity for weeks.

Student Pedestrian Safety

- Students who ride school buses should arrive at the bus stop 5-10 minutes early so they are not late and thus tempted to chase after the bus. Every year, a student somewhere in this country is killed or injured while chasing after a school bus.
- Students at the bus stop should stand at least 10 feet from the edge of the road.
- Students should wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the bus operator opens the door before approaching the bus to board.
- Students should never walk behind the school bus. They should wait for the bus operator's signal then cross the street in front of the bus.
- Students who drop objects beside the school bus should inform the bus operator before attempting to retrieve them. If they do not alert the bus operator, he or she might not be able to see the student as the bus pulls away.


Reminders for Motorists

- It is illegal to pass a school bus stopped to load or unload students.
- Remember that children can be unpredictable at times. Watch out for students who might dart into traffic, unaware of oncoming traffic.
- Slow down anywhere students are walking or standing. Watch for students who might be walking in the street, especially in places where there are no sidewalks.
- Watch for school buses making stops at railroad crossings and dropping and picking up students at bus stops.

Escambia School Bus Safety
Featured in National Publication


The August 2015 edition of School Bus Fleet magazine includes an article entitled "6 Ways to Instill Safety Culture Among Drivers" in which one of the reasons for the Escambia County School District's school bus safety success is discussed.

The article focuses on the importance of a solid safety culture in organizations, but everyone knows success relies on the extent to which professionals within the organization embrace that culture. It's important to remember that organizations generally succeed because of what they do; forward-thinking organizations, however, also recognize that they sometimes succeed in spite of their mistakes. Honest recognition of those shortcomings is the only way to keep the success coming.

To read the article, click HERE.


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Main Switchboard
Transportation Office - (850) 469-5591
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Mailing Address
Transportation Department
The School District of Escambia County
100 East Texar Drive
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Director's Office
Rob Doss, Director (850) 469-5488 [e-mail]
Ann Swanson, Secretary 
(850) 469-5488 [e-mail]

Operations Administration
Pat Jackson (formerly Gregory) (850) 429-2967 [e-mail]
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Transportation Stores (Parts)
Theresa Dimmick, Manager (850) 469-5505 [e-mail]

Safety & Training
Kate Lewis, Manager (850) 469-5328 [e-mail]

Data Clerk
Linda Tidwell, Fuel Accounts & Keys, FuelMaster (850) 469-5489 [e-mail]

GIS (Mapping)
Paul Combes, Manager (850) 469-5592 [e-mail]

Video & GPS
Stephen Shasteen, Video & GPS Specialist (850) 469-5558 [e-mail]

Route Managers

Kim Aeppli Area 25 (850) 429-2949 [e-mail]
Serving Pensacola High, Gulf Breeze High, Brown Barge, Gulf Breeze Middle, Brentwood Elementary, Scenic Heights Elementary, Holm Elementary, McMillan Learning Center
, District Extended

Richard Lopez Area 30 (850) 469-5603 [e-mail]
Serving Washington High, Workman Middle, Lincoln Park Elementary, Ensley Elementary, Ferry Pass Elementary, Pine Meadow Elementary

Darlene Hart Area 27 (850) 469-5492 [e-mail]
Serving Tate High, Northview High, Ransom Middle, Ernest Ward Middle, Jim Allen Elementary, Lipscomb Elementary, McArthur Elementary, Bratt Elementary, Molino Park Elementary

Mitzi Dykes Area 23 (850) 429-2952 [e-mail]
Serving Camelot, Lakeview Center, Warrington Middle, Global Learning Academy, Oakcrest Elementary, Sherwood Elementary, Warrington Elementary, West Pensacola Elementary

Shannon McCulley Area 24 (850) 469-5491 [e-mail]
Serving Escambia High, Bailey Middle, Blue Angels Elementary, Hellen Caro Elementary, Myrtle Grove Elementary, Navy Point Elementary, Pleasant Grove Elementary

Trish Drew Area 22 (850) 469-5547 [e-mail]
Serving Pine Forest High, West Florida High, Bellview Middle, Woodham Middle, Bellview Elementary, Beulah Elementary, Longleaf Elementary, Montclair Elementary

Jennifer Repine Area 31 (850) 469-5493 [e-mail]
Serving Escambia Westgate Center, Ferry Pass Middle, Cordova Park Elementary, NB Cook Elementary, OJ Semmes Elementary, Suter Elementary, CA Weis Elementary


normal BusLogo.jpg

Do you know when to brake for that big yellow school bus? Knowing the rules could save you from a crash but more importantly, from striking a child with your vehicle. No one wants to do that.

So, what are the rules of the road when it comes to stopped school buses on Florida's roadways?

Motorists moving in both directions must stop when approaching a school bus with its lights activated and the stop sign extended. However, on a highway divided by a raised barrier or an unpaved median that is at least five-feet wide, a motorist traveling in the opposite direction of the stopped school bus may proceed with caution. That means the ONLY time we don't stop for a school bus that has its lights activated is when we are on the other side of a raised barrier or five-foot unpaved median, headed in the opposite direction of the bus. Even then, we proceed with caution.

Florida's departments of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Transportation, and Education have teamed up to develop Stop on Red, Kids Ahead, a statewide education campaign to remind motorists of the laws and safe practices to take when approaching a school bus. serves as the information portal for the campaign.

normal BusImage.jpg